RailHope International Member Associations

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The National Associations Contacts are the members of the RailHope International General Assembly which is the highest decision-making body of RailHope International. All present national representatives of associations that have full membership are entitled to vote on RailHope International matters; maintaining the fellowship of RailHope in the spirit of unity and collaberation.

To find out a little more about a member country, please click on that countries logo and follow the link. Or email a national representative.


RailHope Switzerland

RailHope Switzerland has been a Christian, non-denominational association since 1908 and is composed of rail and public transport personnel.

National Representative Andreas Peters


RailHope Germany

We are Christians in the railways and work in railway companies and agencies, united by faith in Jesus Christ and based on His Word, the Bible.

National Representative Frank Hesmert


RailHope Austria

RailHope Austria was founded in 1988 under the name of "Gemeinschaft gläubiger Eisenbahner Österreich", in short: GGEÖ, was founded.

National Representative Karl Weikl


RailHope Finland

RailHope Finland was founded in 1901, and is an active and vibrant association that organises annual festivals  in the winter and the summer...

National Representative Tuulia Passila


RailHope America

The Railroad Evangelistic Association exists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire railroad community and to promote Christian fellowship

National Representative Donald Howell


Railway Mission Estonia

RailHope Estonia strives to unite and encourage people working on the railways by inviting them to follow Christ in their lives and to build fellowships...

National Representative Tiit Tarve


RailHope India

Rail Hope India joined as full time member of Rail Hope International in 2013 at International Railway Mission Convention at Hungary and has been active in using the materials produced by RailHope International

National Representative Arulraj


RailHope Netherlands

The Dutch network of Christians in the railway sector (RailHope Nederland - Spoorchristenen), is a colourful group of Christian professionals from various railway companies who somehow have a heart for the railway.

National Representative Derk Van Dorth


Railway Mission UK

Founded in 1881, the Railway Mission in the Uk operates in a differnet way to other RailHope Associations. We’re a Christian charity offering help and  pastoral support to anyone affected by railway operations.

National Representative Stephen Rowe


RailHope Norway

We are working to create an engaging network for Christian railway people. Our desire is to encourage each other to live a life with the Lord in everyday life, and to spread happiness and hope to our colleagues.

National Representative Børge Salte


RailHope Singapore

Singapore RailHope is one of the newest RailHope fellowships, but we believe that our Lord will bless our mission. We thank God for blessing our threefold prayer initiative on behalf of the Singapore Rail Transport System.

National Representative Milton Lazarus


RailHope South Africa

The mission of RailHope SA is to pray for all employees, management, commuters, the safe transport and handling of freight, a crime free work environment and for the profitability and sustainability of our railway companies.

National Representative Hazel Govender

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