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Charity used to seek the help and protection of destructive powers. Today, Almighty God has become her shelter and strength

From darkness to light

As a child, South African engine driver Charity (43), suffered poverty as a result of ancestor worship and belief in the powers of traditional healers; she experienced great need, nightmares and illness, and wanted to end her life. Then she began to understand that ancestor spirits are actually destructive powers that frightened her and were increasingly taking control of her life. Today, she trains engine drivers at Transnet in Durban... read more

Sarahu Abinaya

The three gifts

My father died in an accident when I was three months old. My mother brought me up so lovingly that I never missed my father. It was great with her and I thought that this is the true life. She always gave me the very best and also with her family. I was the favourite child in the family. When I was sixteen, she died of cancer. I was so surprised and my life after her death changed completely. Her family had always showered me with love and affection but turned indifferent after my mother's death... read more

Børge Salte

New "Song of Norway"

I´ve struggled with my temper all my life. I get annoyed and angry. This affected my family and mostly my wife. In the middle of a situation like this the devil would came to me saying, “There you see, Børge, your thoughts about starting a RailHope Norway are never going to work. You cannot do Christian work among your colleagues. You don’t have what it takes to do this, just give up! Jesus is only with you when life is great and it´s going your way. When things are hard you have to manage on your own. You can´t even mange your own temper in your own home”. I remember my despair and how hopeless it all seemed... read more

Børge Salte

Discovering a fulfilling life

I had everything I wanted, I felt a great void within me which frightened me. The responsibility for my family showed me that I wouldn’t be able to manage everything at every time. When a was young I thought I could bend things like I wanted. In my extended circle of friends was no room for weakness and problems. Because I was one of the youngest I drank often too much to cover up things and to gain confidence. With this mask of alcohol and arrogance I managed to make end meets with my colleagues. But now as a family man the facade began to crumble. More and more I became aware of my immature behaviour. The premature birth of our daughter, followed by a serious illness showed me in a drastic way how helpless I was... read more

Sarahu Abinaya

An open heaven above Saudi Arabia

I was a Hindu and very strict one too. I used to get up at 5am, take cold bath, and with wet towel wrapped around my waist I used to worship various Gods and sing songs and hymns. In India they have so many Gods, so many holy places, and holy rivers. As a Hindu believer, I visited most of the so called places all over India. There is a river in India called river Ganges, one of the biggest; it is believed that, whoever takes a dip in that river; their sins will be washed away. I travelled to thousands of miles and took a bath in that river. Then later on I realised that it cannot be as such, because they dispose of burnt bodies there in that river, people wash their clothes corpses of animals are floating and dirty water is flowing in to that. So how is that holy?... read more

Sarahu Abinaya

A train crash and 17 deaths on my conscience

The train stopped at Rüsselsheim station, the doors opened, people got off or on, I looked at the signal - everything was OK, “Please stand clear of the doors”, a look at the platform, the doors closed, all vehicle displays were OK, I pushed the master controller forward, checking if all the doors were safely closed and if I was not driving too fast or too jerkily, then I looked at the signal again – “Shit!” How could the signal be at danger?! A moment of shock, before applying the emergency brake, adding sand to increase adhesion – another S-Bahn was running right towards us on the opposite track... read more

Alain Petitmermet

A train driver found the right track

I was invited to spend an evening with friends. Among the guests were also a spiritualist and a healer from France. We criticized the church very hard and considered it to be a bastion of the obscure from medieval times. But on the way home I reproached myself of slandering an institution I knew nothing about. The very next morning I bought a bible to fill my lack of knowledge. But what this book taught me was a great discovery! Nothing at all corresponded with the image I used to have of it! Compared to all other religious books I had, the superiority of the biblical revelations seemed so very clear to me. At a public dump I burnt all my spiritualistic, occult and mystical books... read more


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